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Air Conditioning

Have your air conditioning service in our garage in little island Cork

Quick Fit Auto Air Conditioning Recharge we use a fully automated mashane and our mechanic have full training to carry out air conditioning service, average an air conditioning system will lose 10% refrigerant a year!

So no, you weren’t wrong in thinking that it use to work way better back in the day. Regular maintenance with this Auto Air Conditioning Recharge will give your air con a new set of legs, ensuring maximum cooling and fuel efficiency.

It when Service your air conditioning we will remove all the 134a gas in your system clean and filter the gas, vacuum the system 20 min, then the Air Conditioning system is checked for pressure while under vacuum. If test is passed then we fill up system with 134a air con gas and lubricant oil. Giving you fresh cool air .

For plenty more info and some help decided if your air conditioning need charging call us phone 0214976444

Quick fit Air Conditioning Recharge Extra Info

Restores refrigerant and oil
Seals leaks in hoses, gaskets & O rings
Cleans system deposits
Improves efficiency
Advanced leak sealant
Acid & moisture sealant & eliminator extends the life of you’re A/C
You will be happy you choose quick fit to service your car air conditioning 134a system