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DPF Service

If these lights are showing on your information display.
You need to call Quick Fit


LEVEL 1 (€120)
Check pressure on system
Treat DPF on car
Regenerate system
Re Check pressure system to make sure it is back down

LEVEL 2 (price €200 to €350 labour to remove/refit can vary a depending on model)
Check pressure on system
Remove DPF
Treat DPF
Refit DPF
Regenerate System

Check pressure on system
Remove DPF
Fit new DPF

We recommend change oil and filter (extra charge) €100.

With a lot of DPF filters blocked it sends big pressure to sensor that reads pressure and after wont re-calibrate (Have to fit new sensor ) Extra charge price can vary.

We also recommend that you get intake system with EGR cleaned we offer a on car cleaning ( extra Charge ) €50

After servicing DPF – We will scan engine control unit (ECU) for any faults. If none found and DPF pressure is back down where it should be.
Before we cary out any servicing we check pressure on system and after service compleat we compare pressure macking sure system is now O.K.
In some Systems they have EYLOY fluid tank when car has low temp DPF in these systems tank need top up (extra charge) apx €120

If your DPF could talk it would say

It is designed to clean the emissions, NOT REMOVAL

Recommended DPF service intervals of 150,000 km or less, vary greatly between manufacturers but ultimately depend on several variables. Engine RPM, duty cycle, idle time, fuel quality, engine oil quality, emissions after treatment systems, overall engine condition and maintenance procedures all have a tremendous influence on when and how frequently a DPF needs to be serviced.

Oil & Coolant Contaminated DPF Recovery
Mechanical failures of a turbocharger, injectors, head gaskets and EGR system can cause excessive amounts of 0matter) loaded, face plugged, oil and/or coolant soaked DPFs can be restored to serviceable conditions if exposed to the correct regeneration cycles in the regeneration oven. Most DPF service providers will often refuse to clean a oil saturated DPF or destroy an otherwise salvageable DPFs due to inexperience. We specialise in recovering oil or coolant contaminated DPFs to serviceable standards without the risk of damaging the DPF.

We cannot turn a blind eye to this anymore.

In 2011 there was 59 million,929 thousand cars in the world. If not our generation then when ?

Welcome to the new Clean Diesel – Your Complete Emissions Compliance

The ultimate goal for Quick Fit is to help provide CLEANER AIR and a GREEN ENVIRONMENT for future generations! For years we have watched diesel powered vehicles spew contaminated exhaust into the air. Environmental agencies have finally established guidelines that require diesel powered vehicles to eliminate Particulate Matter and NOX. Our job as clean diesel specialists is to use innovative new technologies, partners, and products to reduce diesel fuels Carbon Footprint on our environment and service these units that trap it Breathe easy with Clean diesel Specialists. Please e mail me on the seamus@quickfit.ie or Phone 0214976444 with your inquiry

What going on with DPF

When purchasing your Next car make sure you need a diesel. If you are buying one as of 2014 euro 6 limitations are out. All diesels sold will have ADD BLUE. This means as well as putting in diesel into your tank you will also need to fill up an ADD BLUE TANK. = More Time & Money
In order for a full DPF regeneration cycle to complete the car needs to be driven for at 30 mins at between 2000 and 25000 rpm.

A diesel car is not that more economical over a similar petrol car in city driving or short trips. It takes a diesel engine about 30 mins of driving before it warms up to optimal temperature so while it is warming up it is using more fuel.

Quick Fit offer an additive that you can put in with your fuel it will help with a lot of short trips or city driving, it may only elevate it for a while but eventually the DPF will get completely blocked if not going on motorway driving so the regeneration cycle complete.

We are doing a silly amount of DPF deletes in work now, every one is the same story, city driving = clogged filter.
There are many services Quickfit offer to clear out DPF call us 0214976444 Co Cork Ireland.